Jo Ann's Thank You

American Vintage, would like to finish my web pages with a thanks to all that have supported it's venture. Without my family, friends, visitors and lovely people from around the world I would not be here.

For my photographer, Mike Thomas, of Natural Images Photography, a man with an eye for the beauty! We did it

My Son Willie, that rests in my heart twenty-four hours a day. Left
our world two early, at the age of twenty-eight, but never left my heart, a special thank you for what you gave me. Joy

My daughter Jeannie, whom I love gave given me three beautiful grandchildren, Ryan, Angie and Alexa, have helped me paint, write and pursue my dream. God is Good

My daughter Lesa, supplied me with lots of my beautiful decorations, towels for my guests and oh the love of my granddaughter, Brittany. Brittany! is the one that has stood beside me in all phases of my venture. color coordinator, paint specialist and that final bow that all my guests seem to treasure and write about. With all my love

My Daughter Doris, what can I say, my former Mrs. Pa and later Mrs. America, blessed me with a wonderful grandson Devon, without Doris there would be no American Vintage, both financially and supporting, for my guests to visit. She has given me her heart

My Son Brian, inspires me, walks me through projects and blessed me with three grand children, Megan, Boue and John. My soul mate

My best friends Gerry and Kenny, are there for all and every project I undertake, they are the ones I owe this beautiful place for being a beautiful as it is, from the bathe, to the steps to the spa, the grounds and that lovely pond. Thanks you guys

George and Jean from the Jackson House B&B a special thanks for caring and sharing, we triad our Jelly's and candles and great conversation to help us improve What a B&B should be.

A Special thanks goes to my dear friend, Nancy Winemiller, This friend has been so proud of my venture. Without her support there would be no flyers to send out, brochures to hand out and my very first business cards. Thank you for being there dear friend

A big thanks goes to York County for being such a wonderful place to visit. York County ranks number FOUR in the most visited area in Pa. Way to go York PA

Of course we would be absolutely would be no where, without the wonderful help of The York County Convention and Visitors Bureau. If you need to know, they are the ones to call. There friendly volunteers that help fill our rooms make our visitors feel welcome with a smile and knowledge of our area. Thanks, Abby, Christina, Jenell, Julie for that special gift of love and information, that extra little vote of confidence saying keep up the good work. Your going to make it

Not the first, surely not the last, but all through my dreams, my web master has pulled me through lots, from screaming to laughing, to seeing my dream on paper and making it possible for the whole world to see, Is Flash Avenue! To John Stauffer, thanks.

If not for all the wonderful people that have supported me, through this venture, American Vintage Bed and Breakfast would only be a dream. My whole hearted thanks to them! This dream has become a reality. I can only hope that you enjoy your experience as much as I have, in creating it.

Your Hostess, Jo Ann

Bed and Breakfast York County Pennsylvania

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