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American Vintage Bed and Breakfast is your "Home away from Home" in southern York County. Come relax in this cozy historic atmosphere, stepping back in time. You can sit on the wrap around porch and enjoy a cup of tea! As you look over the York County's picturesque countryside, you might see a mother deer and her young ones. There is plenty of room to walk, feed the fish, visit to the famous Naylor's Wine cellars, tour the local antique shops, and a whole lot more.

As you wonder through American Vintage Bed and Breakfast there are lots of items for sale. The rule is; if I have a tag, I am for sale. Everyone loves to bring a little souvenir back from their trips.

Wake up and head for the Great Room, that's where the wonderful smell is coming from. Feast your eyes on the table setting, and not to mention the beautiful stone fire place. The table is set with York County's own PFALTZGRAFF dinnerware. Stay with Americana Vintage to receive a 15% savings off of a $50.00 purchase at PFALTZGRAFF. The following could be one of the breakfast menus during your stay: Coffee, Tea, juice, fresh fruit, home made muffins, breads, jam's and jellies (no kidding all home made even our honey) made on the farm. A little piece of sweet pastry to tempt your taste buds. Jo Ann's grandmothers recipe of home baked "Orange American Toast" served with her special recipe of Hot Orange Syrup. Ham and Egg loaf (one of Jo Ann's favorites) with a touch of her own secret ingredients. There are allot more delicious menus, so plan on staying for a few days to sample them all.

The dinning room table and hutch, was made in England during the late 18 century, shipped to the states during world war two, the shipping labels are still intact. The blue dishes are very special, collected in 1976 (our bicentennial year). Offered by our local grocery store "Saubel's". They are called Liberty Blue, Historic Colonial Scenes, made in England. You will find pictures of Old North Church, Paul Revere, Lafayette Landing which are just a few of the historic colonial scenes printed on each piece.

The youth table and chair was made in 1854 out of oak and pine, settings on the table consist of a child's gold plated and pearl tea set, carnival glass serving set (child's) and a white porcelain tea set. The Camel Back Storage is used to show off my dolls and some collectables I have found along the way. The large stone fireplace, made from the field stones found on the farm, with chestnut beams running atop each fireplace. The double fireplace, was hidden when I found this charming home. This is just a sample of the charm and history in this beautiful farmhouse. One must come and stay to find all its hidden treasures.

At American Vintage Bed and Breakfast in Southern York County we want to make sure you are pampered during your stay. You will always find special home cooked snacks available. You might be tempted by cakes, pies, cookies or even fudge. You never know what Jo Ann might be cooking. There is a guest fridge that is always filled with fresh brewed iced tea or soda and by the way the coffee pot is always on.

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